Brighter Futures is an early intervention program aimed at building resilience in vulnerable families with young children.

The service is focussed on ensuring children can live safely in their homes by helping to address specific problems like domestic and family violence, parental mental health issues and substance misuse.

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The Brighter Futures Program provides early support and services that include:

  • Home visiting
  • Parenting programs

Each family joining the program will actively identify and prioritise their goals for each family member. A case manager will partner with the family to identify what is going well and to build on these strengths.

In addition to support from a Case Manager, a family worker can provide home visits to implement routines and provide knowledge and guidance around healthy ways to parent. Assistance to link in with psychological, drug and alcohol and other counselling and support services is also offered.


Brighter Futures is an accredited SafeCare provider.

SafeCare is an in-home program designed for parents of children 5 years or younger. Samaritans is currently delivering SafeCare in Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie area.

How does SafeCare work?

A Case Manager will work with your family in your home to improve parenting skills in three areas:

  • parent to infant/child interactions
  • home safety
  • child health care.

The program is designed to be completed in 18 weeks, which can be flexible around your family.

Many parents who have participated in the program, have reported they feel more confident in managing medical emergencies that may arise with their children and feel they have learnt additional skills in keeping their home safe for their family.

SafeCare Accreditation

Who we assist

Our service can assist families who:

  • have children aged 0-17
  • are expecting a baby.


Community referrals can be made by community agencies who will need to complete the referral form. The client will be required to complete and sign the consent form. Both these completed forms can then be sent via email as listed on the forms below.

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