Samaritans is proud of what we do.

We provide high quality services and treat the people we support, their families and carers and other stakeholders with dignity, respect, courtesy, privacy and protection from gossip, harassment, discrimination, abuse or harm.

We would like to hear from you about the experiences you have had with our services and/or staff. If you have received or witness exceptional service, this is an opportunity to provide praise to those involved. However, if you are unhappy about how Samaritans services and activities are provided, are dissatisfied with the behaviour of Samaritans staff, believe that Samaritans services, activities, policies and procedures are inconsistent with our stated mission, vision, values and code of conduct or believe that anything we do is illegal, unreasonable, unjust, oppressive or discriminatory, then we encourage you to submit feedback so that we may take actions to respond.

We view feedback as an opportunity to review and improve what we do.

You can provide your feedback directly to any staff member, supervisor or manager at the service concerned or, if you prefer, to the Samaritans:

What we will do

We will take all complaints seriously.
We will help you to make the complaint if you need assistance.
We will protect your privacy and keep information confidential.
We will inform you about the progress of the complaints process.
We will not make fun of or treat people badly for making a complaint.

Download our easy-read information below. We can help you provide feedback.