About us

About us

Samaritans is here to support and help people through tough times. We give our help unconditionally with care and respect, empowering individuals to build their resilience and find their place in the community. Our belief in social justice means we stand up for what is right and are not afraid to amplify the voices of people in our society who go unheard.

Our story

Samaritans was borne from the desire to help people through their tough times.

Our work began back in 1984 to fulfill the social justice mission of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle.

As an organisation we grew significantly since the early 1980s, and now operate over 100 support services throughout the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Mid-North Coast regions. In 2012 our work spread to Mudgee in the Central Western NSW.

Throughout these regions we offer support to many people in need including young people and families, those with disability or mental health challenges, people experiencing homelessness or crisis, and the wider community.

Our work

Samaritans is here to support people in their early years of life through our work in foster care, family support and preservation, and in our Early Learning Centres.

We are here to enrich and empower people’s lives through our disability support and mental health programs.

When people are in crisis due to experiences such as domestic violence and homelessness, Samaritans is there.

When hardship or loss means there’s not enough food to put on the table, Samaritans is there.

When people want to rebuild their lives, including those exiting prison and people with gambling addiction, Samaritans is there.

Samaritans is here for everyone. People are diverse, and so are we.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We seek to provide unconditional support to people in their needs and to promote just social and economic policies.

Our Vision

For communities where there is love, peace, justice, reconciliation and dignity for all people, where there is care for the vulnerable and their environment and where each individual has the opportunity to contribute and participate fully in community life.

Our Values

Our values of compassion, integrity and justice underpin the important work we do.

Our Identity

As part of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle we also share the mission, vision and values of the church.

  • Vision - People flourishing because of what we do inspired by the way of Jesus.
  • Mission - Nurturing vibrant ministry in parishes and regions, alleviating human need and addressing injustice, investing in children and young people, supporting clergy, staff and volunteers, and participating in the world as global citizens.
  • Values - Compassion, Integrity, Justice, Faith, Courage, Wisdom.