Kinship care, as defined by the United Nations, is ‘family-based care within the child’s extended family or close friends of the family known to the child, whether formal or informal in nature’.

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Samaritans provides a number of services to support kinship carers in their important role:

  • Case Work Support – a Kinship Care Caseworker can help with information and advice, as well as linking families up with other services such as Centrelink, support groups, playgroups, childcare, schools, counselling, disability services and programs to support children and young people.
  • Training and Workshops – topics can include child development, effects of trauma, supporting teenagers. Our training can be adapted to the group needs and interests.

Who we assist

Our Kinship Care service can assist any kinship/relative carers and their families.

Contact us

Marcia Spitzkowsky
Coordinator Child and Parenting Support
Phone: 0437 101 755
Email: [email protected]

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