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White Ribbon Day

Domestic violence in Australia is devastating and widespread.

There’s three shocking statistics you need to understand on the eve of White Ribbon Day.

These facts are surprising, heartbreaking and almost unbelievable.

But they are facts each and every Australian needs to know.

#1. One in four children are exposed to domestic violence.

#2. Family violence is the principal cause of homelessness in women and children.

#3. On average, one woman is killed per week by a partner or ex.

This is why White Ribbon Day is so important.

In 2016, Domestic Violence Victoria chief executive, Fiona McCormack, described these statistics to be at “epidemic proportions” despite ongoing awareness campaigns.

Unfortunately, the numbers are only rising.

We have to increase public awareness of domestic violence.

All Australians – especially young men and boys – need to be educated about the issue, trained to pick up warning signs, and reminded of how to respectfully treat women and children.

We need to focus on prevention to end this epidemic.

On November 25th, we recognised White Ribbon Day for domestic violence. It’s your chance to help. 

White Ribbon Day is Australia’s campaign to prevent violence against women.  

The campaign is unique in its approach.

Rather than simply raising awareness of the issue – White Ribbon Day aims to educate Australians on the roles men and boys can play to stop violence against women.

November 25 is not just about fundraising or starting a conversation.

We get the opportunity to call on all men across the country to take an oath and swear never to commit, excuse or keep quiet about domestic violence.

Over 200,000 Australian men have taken the oath. You can take your oath at the White Ribbon website.

Men who lead with strong actions against domestic violence create positive role models for young boys and provides a catalyst for change. Children take cues from their parents and authority figures. Australian men need to shoulder the responsibility of actively teaching boys how to respect and care for women from an early to age. Without this proactive approach, we will not be able to end the domestic violence epidemic.

You can help STOP violence against women

White Ribbon has developed a “STOP Kit” alongside the oath campaign. The brochure outlines four simple steps to help curb violence against women in Australia:

  1. See
  2. Talk
  3. Offer Support
  4. Prevent

The kit teaches men how to recognise signs of domestic violence, how to talk to friends who appear to be abusing their wife or partner, the best ways to support a victim of family violence, and how to prevent abuse from happening in future.

There are so many ways you can help to stop violence against women and children.

Download your copy of the brochure now and start making a difference for the millions of Australian women affected by the domestic violence epidemic.

Samaritans is a proudly White Ribbon Accredited organisation

In April, we showed our support for domestic violence victims and the White Ribbon foundation by becoming the Hunter Region’s first White Ribbon Accredited organisation.

White Ribbon Australia’s Workplace Accreditation Program provides organisations with the tools to respond to domestic violence whether it occurs inside or outside the office.

One in three women over the age of fifteen will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

That’s unacceptable.

As Australians – we must act now to address this injustice.

Empowering our team and educating them with the tools to deal with or prevent domestic violence is a top priority for us as an organisation with over 600 female employees.

We strongly urge all workplaces to take part in White Ribbon’s Accreditation Program to help prevent violence in and out of the office.

You can take this one simple step to start making a genuine contribution to ending the domestic violence epidemic we face in Australia.

What you can do to help prevent domestic violence

There are a number of ways you can contribute to White Ribbon Day. You can:

  • Take the oath
  • Download the STOP Kit brochure
  • Donate to the cause
  • Attend your local fundraising event
  • Purchase a ribbon online or in store

While White Ribbon Day is a polarised, effective way to spread awareness about domestic violence and the role men can play to prevent it, it’s vital to practice violence prevention every second of every day.

Stop and see the signs, talk about the problem, offer support and prevent domestic violence.

Join our fight against family violence and find support today with the Oi App.