Samaritans launches its 2023 Winter Appeal
Latest News · 1st June 2023

Samaritans launches its 2023 Winter Appeal

Imagine going to school not knowing where you are going to sleep tonight.

That’s the brutal reality for many young people.

Newcastle Anglican’s service agency Samaritans has today launched its 2023 Winter Appeal in a bid to provide a warm and safe home for vulnerable young people at its student accommodation service.

It’s the only service of its kind in the region and is not eligible for government funding.

Samaritans President Bishop Peter Stuart says the program is focused on those who are at risk of homelessness.

“With great strength and resilience, these young people have identified a pathway for themselves,”

“We, with the help of our community, offer housing support and a safe environment to continue their education and change their life.”

“We understand the absolute vulnerability of people transitioning out of homelessness. With sheer encouragement, we have seen many young people make this journey.”

“We know this approach is effective and so does our generous community,” he says.

Bishop Peter adds the program is solely dependent on donations.

“The success of this program relies on philanthropy. It is the sort of program the government could look to contribute funding towards.”

Lauren Fisher and Bishop Peter Stuart at the launch.
Lauren Fisher and Bishop Peter Stuart at the launch.

Samaritans Community Services Manager Lauren Fisher says many young people who entered the Samaritans Student Accommodation went on to complete their studies and found housing in the private rental market.

“Many young people talk about the difference it made to have safe and stable accommodation for the medium term, allowing them to then be able to go on and achieve their goals,” she says.

In the last year, Samaritans services has supported close to 1,500 young people who were facing homelessness, and demand is increasing with a recent report by Anglicare finding no affordable rentals for people on Youth Allowance.

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