Rob featured on Hit1069 to bring awareness to Ice addictions

Hit1069 ran a great feature to bring awareness to the ice epidemic in Newcastle this week.

Samaritans support worker, Rob shared his personal story- reflecting on his experience as a reformed ice addict, who is now giving back to the community and making a huge difference through the Samaritans Post Release and Recovery Point programs. The Recovery Point assists those leaving prison or with alcohol & drug problems in Newcastle and includes a program to support people trying to overcome their addiction to iceĀ and their families.

The Recovery Point is a program that provides practical assistance and support to people who are leaving prison and/or alcohol & drug rehabilitation centres to re-engage with the community.

We approach this transition one step at a time, from assistance with finding accommodation, clothing, ID, Centrelink and opening a bank account.

The program gives people the opportunity of being engaged in work, training/education and/or social & recreational activities, to avoid social isolation and to ensure they have the best opportunity toward recovery.

If you or a family member is in need of assistance to overcome their addiction, visit our service page to get in contact or call our office for support 1300 656 336.

Thank you to Nick, Sophie and the team at Hit1069 for taking the time to bring attention to this important issue- with greater awareness we can work together towards supporting people who need it the most and encourage those people who are struggling with addiction to come forward for help.