#CheckIn this Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Residents of the Hunter are being encouraged to think about their gambling choices and Check In with others this Responsible Gambling Awareness Week.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week will run in NSW from 16-22 September and people are being asked to check in with themselves, their friends and family and notice if someone might need help or support to control their gambling.

Samaritans Gambling Help counsellor Graeme Penney said it is always a good time for people to consider if they need to make any changes to their gambling behaviour.

“Across the week, local gamblingHELP counsellors are challenging people to go gambling free. If you find you cannot stop gambling for seven days, then you could have a problem controlling your gambling. Perhaps it’s time to check in with a counsellor and discuss your gambling,” Mr Penney said.

Common warning signs include gambling longer or spending more than planned, feeling guilty about the gambling, having to conceal or lie about the gambling, or finding yourself gambling when you had not intended to.

“We know that gambling can become very expensive and detrimental for family relationships. We support many who are falling behind with bills, spending less time with family, feeling irritable or anxious, and regularly borrowing money to support their gambling addiction. The good news is that most people who seek help do achieve their gambling control goals,” Mr Penney said.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week in NSW is run by the NSW Government’s Responsible Gambling Fund. Samaritans is the local service provider in Cessnock and Maitland and offers free, confidential help for people to change their gambling behaviour. They can be reached on 4993 3455.

For more information on Responsible Gambling Awareness Week visit responsiblegambling.nsw.gov.au.

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