Australia’s Got Talent features formerly homeless rap artist

Did you catch Australia’s Got Talent last Sunday (August 11)?

One memorable audition featured performer D Minor who rapped his original song that he wrote about experiencing homelessness at the age of 12.

The song, titled “Concrete Pillow”, includes lyrics about his time spent sleeping rough on the streets next to bakeries to keep warm.

Watch the clip to the right for the full song, or click here to redirect to YouTube.

In the introduction to his performance, D Minor explained off stage that music was his therapy, and that a charity had reached him while he stayed at a crisis youth refuge to help him turn his music dream into reality.

Staff in youth refuges do incredibly important work with young people in crisis. Shoutout to the hard working teams in the two Samaritans youth refuges in Newcastle and Maitland!

Watch the Australia’s Got Talent video below!

Video and photo credit: Channel 7 Australia’s Got Talent 


Like performer D Minor, Aiden stayed at a refuge when he was younger during a time of crisis.

The refuges Aiden stayed in were run by Samaritans, and now Aiden works with Samaritans as a youth worker.

“I hope through my experiences I can help others to find a positive pathway in their life too”

Read Aiden’s full story on our website here: