Anti-Poverty Week - What's On?

Anti-Poverty Week: A chance to act and speak out about poverty and its impacts on your community.

The word “poverty” can conjure up different images for different people, but Samaritans sees the impact of poverty in regional communities every day.

Poverty looks like a trans teen feeling forced to leave home and ending up in a crisis refuge over Christmas, unable to afford somewhere to live on youth allowance.

Poverty looks like a family of eight living in a motel for nearly a year because landlords keep knocking back their large family.

Poverty looks like a person getting evicted while looking for work because they missed a month of rent to fix their car, then they couldn’t catch up.

This year’s Anti Poverty message is “Poverty exists. Poverty hurts us all. We can all do something about it”.

Several events are listed centrally at the Anti Poverty Week website. In Newcastle, the Newcastle Poverty Action Alliance will host several events across the week (see screenshot below).

What’s happening in your local community? Let us know in the comments below and we can share!