3 Important Ways Volunteers Are Changing the World

National Volunteer Week Thank You

It is National Volunteer Week: Give Happy, Live Happy! To celebrate, we are highlighting some of the great things that volunteers are doing to change the world.

Volunteers know that small acts = big impact

The smallest acts of kindness can mean the most. It’s true you don’t need to have an overflowing bank account to donate something worthy. Donating time by volunteering to help another person who in most cases, you don’t know can be one of the most satisfying things to do with your spare time.

From helping raise children live in a safe and loving home, helping young adults find a place of their own, or even helping those get back up on their feet after serving time in prison – it is sometimes the smallest acts of kindness that make the most difference. Samaritans volunteers are constantly changing lives of the people we support in a positive way through these very activities.

Volunteers sacrifice

Volunteers spend time away from their own family to help others, which is an incredible sacrifice.

One particular group of volunteers who are often spending time away from their families unexpectedly are volunteer disaster recovery workers. With the increased prevalence of natural disasters, there is an increased reliance on emergency services. Volunteers are vital as they are extra helping hands when disaster strikes.

What makes these volunteers extra special is their commitment to helping others who desperately need it, even if this means leaving their own family who might be experiencing the same disaster.

Putting their lives in harm’s way and expecting nothing in return reflects the spirit that Samaritans volunteers show every day.

Volunteers help to build a community of like-minded individuals

Volunteering Australia reminds us to Give Happy, Live Happy and it’s in this spirit that volunteers build a compassionate community of helpers.

Not only do these volunteers act as effective and supportive helpers to non-profits like Samaritans, through their generosity many volunteers often find themselves building a network of valuable personal friendships.

To all of our committed and compassionate volunteers at Samaritans, we thank you.

Thank you for your willingness to offer your skills and sacrifice your spare time for others.

We hope you continue to Give Happy, Live Happy!

If you have ever wanted to make an impact in another person’s life, volunteering might just be the thing for you. Samaritans are always looking for eager new volunteers to help across a wide range of services. Visit our Volunteer page for more info about how you can start changing the world around you.