Teralba Emergency Relief 25th Anniversary

Samaritans celebrated 25 years of service at Teralba Emergency Relief Centre, supporting locals in need to pay their bills and feed their families.

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary Samaritans hosted a lunch on Friday 11 November at the Teralba Emergency Relief service. As well as Emergency Relief, the service also supports the community through breakfast programs in schools and a local Toy Warehouse.

Pat Korsman is a volunteer who has been instrumental in the delivery of the service for the full 25 years.  “I have record books dating back to our very first day that detail how we have helped people in need. Since 11 November, 1991 we have been able to support over 30,000 people from Teralba alone,” Pat said.

Many of Samaritans Emergency Relief services are grassroots initiatives that provide much needed support to people who are struggling in the area, by assisting those in financial crisis to deal with their immediate situation in a way that maintains dignity and encourages self-reliance.

“Samaritans Emergency Relief and Assistance Centre’s rely greatly on the generosity and time of volunteers to staff and run these services. People like Pat have made this work possible, and what a huge achievement to be celebrating 25 years of service to the community for Teralba Emergency Relief,” Emergency Relief Coordinator, Tracy Jackson, said.

The services offer short-term emergency, financial or material assistance to those in need and, where possible, aim to establish links with other appropriate services and support to prevent ongoing hardship.

“In 25 years, many of the same issues are the same in providing emergency relief- ongoing funding, staffing with volunteers support and of course, the needs of the people we support are growing in complexity and expectation. It’s a challenge, but we provide such a vital service and it’s important that it continues into the future,” Ms Korsman said.

“Without the commitment, hard work and enthusiasm of our volunteers, we would not be able to continue this vital community work. These centres are often the first point of contact for Samaritans to meet some of the most disadvantaged members of our community and it’s our best opportunity to help,” Ms. Jackson said.

Thank you to the volunteers and staff who have played such a significant role in the longevity and success of Teralba Emergency Relief.