Children & Family Support Services

Samaritans provide family support services in Newcastle and surrounds. Our Children and Family services extend support to families who may have children with additional needs, parents who need support in their home and we also host two Early Learning Centres in Newcastle and Woodberry.

Our services are designed to support every member of a family – ask about how our holistic approach could help you and your family.

Phone 1300 656 336

Early Childhood Early Intervention

Samaritans Early Childhood Early Intervention coordinates support for children with disability aged 0-8 on the Mid North Coast. The program offers support for no cost to children aged between 0-8 living with autism, developmental delay or other disability. The team…

Phone 4382 9815 or 0418 424 669

The Circle

This program aims to work alongside established community activities to provide support and additional services for children between the ages of 0-12 years and their families. We promote an inclusive and supportive community environment for children and their families by…