Disability Services

Samaritans provides disability services in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Mid North Coast and Nepean regions of NSW.

Samaritans Disability Services are flexible, innovative, and as individual as you.

We are most happy to work directly with you and your family to help you achieve your dreams. Read more about our support available through the National Disability Insurance Scheme via the home page, or search below.

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Early Childhood Early Intervention

Samaritans Early Childhood Early Intervention coordinates support for children with disability aged 0-8 on the Mid North Coast. The program offers support for no cost to children aged between 0-8 living with autism, developmental delay or other disability. The team…

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Supported Employment

Samaritans Cleaning Service Samaritans Cleaning Service is a commercial and residential cleaning company responsible for cleaning offices and homes in the Newcastle and Hunter region. The service provides employment for people who, due to a range of disabilities, face barriers…

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Restricted Practice Governance & Portal System

This service provides organisations with the opportunity to access a state of the art web based portal system and a credentialed restricted practice panel. The Restricted Practice Governance & Portal System aids effective monitoring and regulation of the use of…

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Coordination of Supports

Samaritans offers quality Coordination of Supports for people living with a disability and their families. In all of Samaritans work, we put the person we are supporting at the centre of all that we do. We work with you and…

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Therapy Support

Samaritans has a team of qualified and experienced therapists who offer support as individual as you are. Our therapists work closely with each other to ensure you receive a cross discipline, holistic therapeutic support plan. Samaritans professionals will work with…

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National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a new way of providing funding and supoprts to people living with a disability. It gives individuals greater choice and control over the support they receive. Have you received a package from the National…

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Samaritans Temporary Care

Samaritans provides respite support to children and adults with a disability in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley as part of the NDIS. This service provides flexible recreational and social supports for people with a disability in the Hunter Valley. Programs…

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Specialist Clinical Support

At Samaritans, we know everyone’s needs are different. Our Clinical Services Unit can work with you and your family to equip you with tools and strategies specific to your needs.

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Personal & Home Care

Heatha with her Support Worker

We offer tailored support services to suit the individual needs of people with disability. One of our staff members will visit your home and support you with necessary care.

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Disability Activities

We can connect you with one of our many activity programs or have someone come and work with you one on one in an activity you enjoy. Whether it be art, music, sports or something else, we are more than happy to assist.

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ASSET Disability Support

Assists people living with a disability to identify goals and reach their full potential. The program delivers personal and social development skills including literacy and numeracy, independent living skills and budgeting.