Samaritans offers quality Coordination of Supports for people living with a disability and their families. In all of Samaritans work, we put the person we are supporting at the centre of all that we do. We work with you and your family to ensure your expectations for care and support are met and exceeded, now and into the future.

We understand the need for a coordinated and flexible approach to the supports an individual receives. This is why our experienced staff work alongside you and your family to plan, coordinate, arrange, and link you with all local supports.

Our team will ensure that at all stages, your supports are assisting you achieve your hopes and dreams.

We will help you identify your needs and goals before liaising and linking you with the right service providers. Our team will ensure that at all stages, your supports are assisting you achieve your hopes and dreams.

Our team will guide and support individuals and families through all of the steps of a transition, including the identification of potential barriers or opportunities for success.

We will be available for you and your family and will support you to resolve any crises that may occur.

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Samaritans Coordination of Supports will support you by:

  • Linking you with the local services that will meet your individual needs and goals.
  • Coordinate your supports and support providers.
  • Liaise with funded, mainstream and community groups on your behalf.
  • Responding to and resolving crises.
  • Building the skills and knowledge of individuals and their families.
  • Providing pathways to participate in your local community.
  • Ensuring new supports and arrangements continually meet and exceed your needs and goals.

Samaritans has a large team working throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter, Central Coast and Mid North Coast regions offering a range of disability support services to locals. Click on the links below to explore Samaritans existing network of disability support services.

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