Youth Unemployment… is there a solution?

Samaritans CEO

Results from the 2016 Mission Australia Youth Survey reveal a very concerning statistic that it takes an average of 4.7 years for a young person to find a job after finishing their education. The workforce and education requirements have changed drastically over the last 30 years- it now takes an average of four years more for young people to find employment than it used to take in the eighties.

There are a number of factors attributed to the rise in youth unemployment. There is evidence of an increasing trend of a mismatch of skills in the youth labour market. Today we are seeing an overrepresentation of over qualified youth in proportion to the number of jobs available in a particular skill level bracket. Similarly, young people are struggling to find appropriate work with the decrease in full-time work opportunities and an increase in causal and part-time positions.

So how can we tackle the youth unemployment problem? While is it seems there is no straightforward solution, there are some steps to improvement. I would like to see the development of more extracurricular and initiatives that promote learning to target the skills gap in the workforce today. I also believe a collaborative approach needs to be taken with the private sector, government and education systems working together to determine what skills and knowledge are needed in this day and age for young people to find suitable work.

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