Working towards Reconciliation

Samaritans CEO

The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation envisions “a united Australia which respects this land of ours, values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and provides justice and equality for all.” This is something we should all strive to achieve.

The Federal Government must actively support this vision with strategic, long-term planning to bring about sustainable outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. As citizens we have a responsibility on an individual level to respect our land and the values of our fellow Australians.

As an organisation Samaritans is committed to the development of a future based on mutual respect, mutual resolve and mutual responsibility. Our agency is committed to making a meaningful contribution to reconciliation and improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social, economic and financial disadvantage. We welcome staff members to join our Reconciliation Action Plan Committee and take on an active and collaborative role in the development of Samaritans Reconciliation Action Plan.

Respectful relationships are paramount in building a stronger future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Working collaboratively and in consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations is vital to not only establish and build these relationships, but to also bring about effective change.

As individuals we can all play a role in building and maintaining respectful relationships with our fellow neighbours.   In our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces and in our communities we must work together to foster reconciliation.

As a nation, until reconciliation is truly achieved, we are falling short of our potential.

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