Winning battles without warfare

CEO Social Justice Blog

The first week of Australia’s terrorism alert has been very worrying,

  • An 18 year old shot dead after attacking two police officers
  • One man jailed after threatening Muslim school children
  • Another man arrested after sending a threatening message to a police officer
  • Muslim women across the country verbally abused
  • Cars vandalised and mosques covered with graffiti.

However those who work for peace, nonviolence and justice are striking back with

  • A joint statement put out by Australian Imams asserting that protection of human lives is one of the five basic rights of Islam
  • A new movement of non-Muslim women wearing the hijab headscarf in support of Muslims
  • There is to be a march next month to express solidarity with genuine Muslims
  • There is to be a Facebook page for non-Muslims supporting Muslims.

We can win our battles without warfare. That’s what the peace movement is all about. How about wearing a hijab or men growing a beard for peace.