“When will we ever get justice for children in this land?”

CEO Social Justice Blog

Sunday the 14th of June marked the beginning of refugee week across Australia.

Two major issues we should be considering during the week are:

1. With worldwide numbers of refugees now standing at 16 million, and with 51 million displaced  persons possibly seeking asylum into the future, could we not do more in Australia?

Apart from the original owners of the land, all Australians are refugees or migrants or their descendants. We have a proud tradition of welcoming people from other lands as has the USA. Let’s continue that tradition.

We may have stopped the boats and stopped drownings of asylum seekers in Australian waters but if these Asylum seekers drown off the coast of Thailand or Indonesia, what has been gained?

2. We must immediately liberate the 227 children currently held in detention in             Australia  and Nauru.

We know institutions are dangerous and damaging for children. The Royal Commission has aptly demonstrated this.

When will we ever get justice for children in this land?