We need globalised good working conditions

CEO Social Justice Blog

Australia is a very large island and, in some ways, we are at a distance from the global problems of our time.

Globally the number of displaced persons around the world is double the population of Australia, but we don’t see the number of other countries, especially given the almost war like response of our governments to people seeking asylum here.

Most of us benefit from the importation of overseas manufactured products, but seem to be unaware of the working conditions of the people who produce the goods for us.

How is it that we can insist on our high standards of WH&S (and so we should here in Australia); yet ignore the working conditions of our trading partners who produce the goods for us.

If we have legitimised global trade carried out mainly by multinational companies, why can’t we have globalised good working conditions monitored by an international union movement?

Or would some of us be prepared to pay more for manufactured goods if we were guaranteed good working conditions in countries where the goods are produced?

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