Being a student: temporary hardship that is rewarded

CEO Social Justice Blog

Students have been busy with their HSC exams over the past few weeks, many hoping their grades will be good enough to get them into university and beyond.

Life at university these days appears to be tougher than in former times with some 80% of students in part time work to supplement their income and approximately 17% having to go without food and other essentials each week.

The average HECS/HELP debt incurred by graduates has climbed to $37,217 and Samaritans opposes recent suggestions that these debts be privatised. This would be a step in the wrong direction deterring people from low income families from seeking a university education. These days a post school qualification is really important when it comes to employment.

Studying at TAFE is also becoming a challenge with the introduction of fees and the proposed cap on tax deductions for self-education seems harsh.

Overall though, though there are temporary hardships in study, young people who stick it out are generally rewarded with much better employment possibilities for the future.

Poverty is more bearable when you know it has a time limit.