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Youth Specialist Homelessness Service

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Samaritans provides short-term, transitional accommodation, outreach casework, and early intervention for young people in Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter.

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Youth Transitional Accommodation

Samaritans manages a number of transitional accommodation properties in Newcastle Local Government Area and Cessnock Local Government Area. 

These properties provide young people aged 16 – 24 years with access to short-term, stable and affordable accommodation, along with outreach support from a caseworker to develop skills to manage finances, health and/or connect with education and job opportunities, and skills to obtain and sustain tenancy in rental accommodation. 

Accommodation models vary between properties, with most transitional properties providing share accommodation for young people aged between 16-19. 

All accommodation models require the young person to have some independent living skills and accommodation is available for a period of up to 3 months. 

Accommodation is subject to availability and specific eligibility requirements. All transitional accommodation applications must be supported by a Samaritans Specialist Homelessness Services caseworker – there are no direct applications available for these properties. 

Applicants must be eligible for Samaritans Specialist Homelessness Service support.     

Other services include:

  • Early intervention 
  • Outreach  
  • Rent-it Keep-it 
  • Programs in schools for young people at risk of homelessness

Samaritans Youth Accommodation

Samaritans Youth Accommodation supports young people to develop the skills needed to maintain a permanent and stable living arrangement. 

Accommodation is subject to availability and specific eligibility requirements. Please contact the service directly for further information. 

Samaritans Youth Accommodation Newcastle provides short term immediate accommodation for young people aged 16-19 who are experiencing homelessness. 

Samaritans Youth Accommodation Maitland provides short term accommodation for young people aged 12-15 who are experiencing homelessness. 

This accommodation is focused on supporting young people where there is a goal of restoration to family. 

If you are a young person currently at risk of homelessness in the Newcastle & Hunter region, please call Samaritans SHS Intake on 02 4960 7280.

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