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As a foster carer you can make a positive difference to a child's life

Samaritans provides foster care in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Mudgee through our Permanency Support Program.

Carers provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and young people until they are able to return to their family.

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Some children and young people are in need of care for a few days, others for months and others stay with their foster carers into adulthood.

"We have had two little girls for nearly three years and getting these girls home to their mum would be the bees knees. Not that we want to part with them, but we know they should be home with mum. That’ll be a happy ending."
-Kay, Foster Carer for 20 years

What is Foster Care?

Foster Care is providing a secure and safe home for children who can’t live at home safely at this time. Children need care for all sorts of reasons, including families being unable to keep children safe for either short or long periods of time. Whatever the reason, these children all need safe and caring environments for however long it takes whilst problems in their families are resolved and, wherever possible, the children can return home safely. If they can’t return home safely, it is still important they have lifelong connections with their family and significant others that is encouraged by the care team around the child and young person.

The full roll out of the Permanency Support Program from July 2018 is one is one of the most significant changes made to the NSW child protection and foster care systems in decades. The program is a government and sector-wide reform to child protection and out of home care practice and culture and supports the safety, well-being and positive life outcomes for children and young people in the child protection system in NSW.

Types of care

Emergency or Crisis Care is needed when there are concerns for a child’s immediate safety. Emergency carers need to be able to provide care at short notice, after-hours and on weekends.
Respite Care is needed when parents and carers need a break. Respite carers help for short periods of time, such as school holidays, weekends or for short periods during the week. Respite care is usually planned and scheduled well in advance.
Short to medium-term care lasts for up to six months and has a strong focus on reuniting the child with their parents or extended family.
Long-term or permanent care is needed when the child is not expected to return to their family.
Relative or Kinship Care is when a child or young person lives with a relative or someone they already know.

Who can become a carer?

Carers come from all walks of life, single, in a relationship, working, studying or retired – what they have in common is that they believe every child and young person deserves a loving supporting home and connections to their family and want to contribute to our community achieving this.

All our carers receive financial assistance, ongoing training and support is available 24/7 from our team and our on call service.

Those who are already carers can move under the Samaritans umbrella after taking part in our short workshop, Sharing Stories, Sharing Lives. Please see below for the steps to take to get on board.

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