Quality not-for-profit childhood education and care

Samaritans operates two not-for-profit Early Learning Centres, one in Newcastle and another one in Woodberry, with a specific focus on quality and excellence in early childhood education and care.

Samaritans is a charitable organisation invested in supporting the local community.

In our Early Learning Centres, this means a commitment to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn, develop and grow in an environment that is safe, nurturing and designed to ensure that we meet the changing needs of children and families as they join our growing community.

Our philosophy embraces a holistic and welcoming centre-based approach through the development of programs that enhance children’s learning and development while promoting inclusion and respect.

We foster trusting and respectful relationships with children and their families by investing in the development of a strong rapport with all who attend the centre.

Learn more about our Early Learning Centres in our Family Handbook.

In 2023, the NSW Government announced fee relief for children attending Long Day Care. This means if your child turns 4 years old on or before 31 July 2023 you will receive up to $2,110 in fee relief. More information can be found in this NSW Government document.

The mission, vision and values of Compassion, Integrity and Justice are the cornerstone that guide all Samaritans services.

Samaritans Early Learning environments offer:

A culturally diverse setting which reflects the diversity of Educators, families and community
Programs designed to develop a respect, understanding and knowledge of the traditional owners of the land
An experienced and committed team of early childhood Teachers and Educators who plan individualised programs to suit each child’s interests and needs
Specific programs to build children’s emotional wellbeing and resilience to ensure school readiness
Large indoor play spaces equipped with developmentally appropriate materials and resources to optimise children’s learning and spark their natural curiosity
Large natural play spaces where children engage with nature
A sustainability program where children can learn the importance of caring for the environment
Healthy, tasty meals prepared on site by a qualified cook
Child/staff ratios above minimum requirements to ensure time for Educators to develop positive and trusting relationships with you and your child as they settle and grow in the Early Learning Centre environment
Electronic learning portfolios to enable educators, parents and extended family to connect, from anywhere, at any time and share a child’s play, learning and engagement with family and those important to them

Our Early Learning Centres