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Note: Tailored Youth and Family Services was formerly known as Creative Times and Early Intervention & Activities (EIA).

Tailored Youth and Family Services is an innovative program that works with children, youth and their families going through challenging times. This service has a focus on supporting people by promoting individual, family and community strengths. The service works alongside families by providing a safe place for them to notice and celebrate the things that are working well and to share ideas to explore new ways of working together, having fun and looking out for each other.

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Tailored Youth and Family Services can support families, parents and young people by:

  • Finding new ways of meeting everyone’s needs.
  • Developing more helpful communication skills.
  • Finding helpful ways of dealing with tricky behaviours.
  • Getting more connected with your community.
  • Providing support for understanding emotional needs and ways to meet them.
  • Finding ways to get through tough times as a family.
  • Looking at ways for families and young people to develop their resilience.
  • Enhancing their understanding of positive health and wellbeing.


Individual Counselling for children and youth that can occur in the home or at school.
Family catch up sessions with support workers to provide support for a particular area of family life and encourage working towards unified goals.
Parenting support through groups like Circle of Security or Tuning Into Teens.
After-school therapy groups for young people aged 7-12 in Gateshead, Wallsend and surrounding areas that promotes social skills and problem solving.
In-school group counselling tailored to provide a safe space to explore specific challenges for young people.
Information and advice on services and resources available to educate families on pre-existing supports and how to find them.

Who we assist

Our service can assist families with children aged 7-18 going through challenging times.

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Phone: (02) 4942 1621 or (02) 4942 5275

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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