Early Intervention and Activities Program
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Early Intervention and Activities Program

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Early Intervention and Activities (EIA) is an innovative program that works with children, youth and families going through challenging times.

Because families are so diverse, we work to recognise your strengths to help you and your family to achieve your goals.

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How can we support you to achieve your goals?

  • We can visit you at a location where you feel most comfortable
  • Listen, be non-judgemental and encourage and support you to make informed decisions
  • Acknowledge your strengths and achievements
  • Provide advice and referrals for issues including family relationship breakdowns, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, learning difficulties and challenging behaviours
  • Provide you with opportunities to develop further skills in budgeting, cooking, household routines, child development and behaviour management skills and more
  • Provide parenting programs and/or link you to parenting programs delivered within your local area
  • Provide skills focus groups for young people in schools
  • Provide assistance with employment and career options
  • Assist you to develop increased self-esteem, confidence, positive communication and more


Case management for youth, children and their families.
Parenting support through groups and programs like 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching, Circle of Security, Shark Cage, No Scaredy Cats and Bringing up Great Kids.
Information and advice on services and resources available to educate families on pre-existing supports and how to find them.
Education and skills training.
Engaging Adolescents through school programs and groups.

Who we assist

Our service can assist families with children aged 0-17 years. Young people aged 13-17 can access individual support.

Contact us

Phone: 4384 8436

Email: [email protected]

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