Tenancy Participation Resource Service

Samaritans provides advice and advocacy to Social Housing Tenants in the Hunter Valley.

This service provides advice and advocacy to Social Housing Tenants (Housing NSW, Department of Aboriginal Housing and tenants of Community Housing Providers).

We offer the following:

  • Provide Information and advice about social housing and other Government and community related issues and services
  • Offer Support and Training for tenants and tenant groups, targeted at promoting community development and ‘participation’
  • Provide Referral to Government and other community based services/organisations
  • Provide Advocacy for local tenant groups and/or individuals regarding housing and other related issues
  • Establish Opportunities for tenants to become involved in tenant participation and decision making processes


Tenant Groups

There are many tenant groups currently operating in the Hunter Valley and Central Coast area. These are groups of Social Housing Tenants who:

  • Meet to discuss issues affecting tenants
  • Meet to talk to Housing NSW staff about these issues
  • Hold social functions to help tenants get to know each other
  • Conduct special projects to make their area a better place to live e.g. working bees, fundraising for community resources, producing a newsletter about local activities and services.
  • Attend combined tenant meetings to ensure that the needs of their community and social housing tenants as a whole are being met.

If you would like to get involved in a Tenant Group in your area, would like to start up your own tenant group and/or are part of a tenant group that needs some assistance, then contact the Samaritans Tenancy Resource Service for more information and access to resources.

Contact Details

Phone Number
1800 786 466
Contact Email
198-202 Vincent St CESSNOCK NSW 2325

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