Friendship House

What is Friendship House?

Friendship House is a support program for men exiting prison and is situated in an inner suburb of Newcastle.

The program helps these men be part of the community, providing them with a volunteer and car to assist them each week day to meet their goals to re-enter society.

What is the Friendship House Program?

The Friendship Program encourages the people it supports to establish goals to assist them to be part of the community. Volunteers are rostered to assist guests of Friendship House, and those having recently exited a correctional facility but not in Friendship House Accommodation, to work through their goals.

Friendship House has a two-bedroom residence in a local Newcastle suburb to accommodate two clients.

Residents are required to abide by House Rules and sign an agreement for their stay of up to 28 days.



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Phone Number
02 4922 1500
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friendshiphouse@samaritans.org.au hfielder-gill@samaritans.org.au

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