Community & Youth Development Project


Samaritans supports community and youth development projects in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Newcastle and Maitland/Dungog Community and Youth Development Projects (CYDP) work with young people to develop and maintain youth-focused initiatives and networks in their respective local government areas.

Auspiced by Samaritans, the CYDP collaborates with local youth services and works for positive social change by highlighting the strengths and abilities of young people and advocating on their behalf.

Samaritans oversees the Newcastle Youth Development Officer and the Maitland/Dungog Youth Development Officer (YDOs). The role of the Youth Development Officers is to focus on community development activities that will help young people access local resources and opportunities, achieve social equity and to encourage the integration and participation of young people in all aspects of community life.

This is done by;

  • Providing awareness & understanding of barriers faced by young people
  • Building and maintaining youth service networks
  • Supporting youth groups and youth councils to implement youth-led activities
  • Prioritising the equity of young people from marginalised or disadvantaged communities
  • Identifying the needs of young people and facilitating the development and coordination of resources to support them
  • Providing support to local high schools with information, referral pathways and opportunities for training and professional development of teaching staff

For more information about the Regional Youth Development Officers Network see www.rydon.org.au

Contact Details

Phone Number
Erin Boyd (Newcastle) – 0428 006 471 or Rachelle Aitken – (Maitland/Dungog) 0407 891 650
Contact Email
erin.boyd@samaritans.org.au or rachelle.aitken@samaritans.org.au