Community Housing

Samaritans operates a number of properties and housing in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Hunter Region and the Mid North Coast.

Samaritans Housing provides supported accommodation and community housing to over 200 people.

Samaritans Housing is a member of the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and Churches Housing.

We offer a range of accommodation options;

  • General Community Housing
  • Group homes for people living with a disability
  • Supported Independent Living Options
  • Specialist Homelessness Service
  • Youth and Student Accommodation
  • Property management services and private head lease arrangements

If you are tenant of Samaritans Housing and would like to contact us please call (02) 4960 7100 or 1300 656 336.

For information on your rights as a tenant visit http://www.tenants.org.au/  or contact Hunter Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service.

If you require an after-hours repair (outside 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)  in a property Samaritans manages, please call 1800 991 060.

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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any homes available?

Vacancies are advertised on Samaritans website when they become available, click here to go there now. You can also find out about supported accommodation and community housing by contacting Samaritans Intake Team on 1300 656 336 or email intake@samaritans.org.au. 

Supported Accommodation

Samaritans Homeless Services and Emergency Relief

How do I pay my rent?

Samaritans Housing prefer rent payments to be made by direct deposit or by using Centrepay. Please contact us if you require assistance establishing routine payments.  Samaritans Housing can lodge your Centrepay forms, and make changes with your consent to book a visit to Centrelink. If you would like to pay your rent by cash or eftpos you can do so at our cental office located at 36 Warabrook Boulevard Warabrook.

What happens to my bond money?

Your bond acts as a security deposit against the home you’re renting. After you pay it to us, we lodge it with the Residential Tenancies Branch who hold it securely until the end of your lease. If your rent and related expenses are paid up to date and the property is left in good condition compared to your ingoing inspection report, we’ll organise for your bond to be refunded to you in full.

If there is any outstanding rent, repairs or cleaning required to the home we may apply to have part or all of your bond paid to us in order to cover these expenses. This is another reason why it’s in your best interest to look after your home well while you live there.

Note. If you are making contributions to your bond will held by Samaritans Foundation until the total bond is paid and then it is lodged with the Department of Fair Trading – Renting Services

What happens if I can’t pay my rent?

First priority is to contact your Property Manager – Samaritans Housing on 49607 100 or by emailing property@samaritans.org.au to discuss the situation as there may be other alternatives. It is always best to keep in contact with your Property Manager.

How do I report a maintenance request?

You can do this by contacting Samaritans Housing on 49607 100 or emailing property@samaritans.org.au. If you require a repair after hours please contact 1800 991 060 or 4934 0841.

What happens if I lose my keys or lock myself out?

At some stage or another, this happens to all of us! If it occurs during business hours we can help you out. You will need to contact Samaritans Housing on 49607 100 or by emailing property@samaritans.org.au.

If you’ve lost your keys, we obtain a copy of at your own expense. Similarly so if you lose or damage a remote control or access card we’ll assist you with their replacement, however you will be required to cover the cost.

Should you lock yourself out over a weekend, during a public holiday or at night you’ll need to arrange a locksmith at your own expense. If you need assistance with contacting a locksmith call our after-hours service on 1800 991 060 or 4934 0841

Do I need contents insurance or does the owner cover that?

While contents insurance is optional, it’s a good idea to take out a policy in order to protect your own personal belongings during the move and in your new home. The owner’s insurance will not cover any of your possessions.

My contact details have changed. Who should I tell?

Your Property Manager – Samaritans Housing on 4960 7100 or emailing property@samaritans.org.au. It’s really important that we have all your current and correct contact details available to us so that we’re able to assist you with maintenance requests and liaise with you regarding any renewal to your lease.

I need to move out before my lease ends. What should I do and will there be any extra costs?

The first thing to do is pick up the phone and speak with your Property Manager. There are costs involved with ‘breaking’ a lease however they vary depending on how far through your lease you are. Your Property Manager will talk you through the process including any costs, so that you have a full understanding of what’s involved prior to making your decision.

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