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The Coalfields Healthy Heartbeat program helps the Hunter Valley live a healthier lifestyle and look after their heart health.

The Coalfields Healthy Heartbeat program is helping the Cessnock community to lead a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating, physical activity and smoking cessation programs.

This includes:

Heart Foundation Walking

If you’re looking for a fun, social and easy way to get active, why not join a local Heart Foundation Walking group.
To register, contact Coalfields Healthy Heartbeat on 4993 3410, or visit http://walking.heartfoundation.org.au/

Healthier Oils Program

The Healthier Oils program encourages local food outlets to transition from traditional cooking oils to healthier alternatives to help reduce the consumption of saturated and trans fats within the community.

The program operates at the local government level with the Cessnock City Council having successfully collaborated with local pubs, clubs, cafes and takeaways to implement the program.

Click here to learn more about the program.

Healthy Budget Bites

More than just a cookbook, Healthy Budget Bites teaches you the secret to healthy eating on a budget and helps you save money, save time and eat well.

The guide is full of useful tips including planning healthy meals, writing a shopping list, buying fruit and vegetables that are in season and healthy lunchbox ideas.

The recipes follow a simple step-by-step method and can be made for one person or for the whole family. Each recipe includes a basic nutrition analysis per serve. In addition it offers information intended to assist with everyday healthy eating and low cost living.

An electronic version of the book can be accessed in resource below, or you can fill out a Budget Bites Order Form.

Healthy Money Planner

The Healthy Money Planner provides information on saving money, healthy eating and being active on a limited income, the financial benefits of quitting smoking, and support services available to assist. The secret to healthy eating is variety, balance and moderation. Choose a wide variety of foods each day to get enough nutrients to allow for good health and wellbeing.

See Resources below for a copy.

Cessnock LGA Physical Activity Guide

The Cessnock LGA Physical Activity Guide is a list of places in the Cessnock LGA where people can be active. Being active can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cope with stress, maintain a healthy weight and shape and keep your bones strong. Try something that you think you will enjoy! See Resources below.

Cessnock Walking Trails Guide

The Cessnock LGA Walking Trails Guide includes short and long walks from all parts of the Cessnock LGA, with varying degrees of difficulty. The guide also includes motivational tips and helpful information on how to increase your activity levels safely. See Resources below.

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