Brighter Futures

Samaritans provides Brighter Futures child and family support in Newcastle.

Brighter Futures provides support and services to promote healthy child development, and strengthen resilience in families. Brighter futures is a program that provides support in the home to families with children aged under 9.

Parenting children is a special time in your life and often a time of joy, wonder and adventure. Sometimes, parenting can be challenging, especially when dealing with difficulties in your family such as mental illness, drug and alcohol use and domestic violence. During these challenges, your family may need support in the home to keep children safe and well.

The Brighter Futures Program provides early support and services that include:

  • Home visiting
  • Parenting programs

The goals of the program are to promote healthy development in children, promote strong, functional and well-supported families and reduce/prevent child abuse and neglect in participating families. Each family joining the program will actively identify and prioritise their goals for each family member. A case manager can work with you to identify what is going well in the family and to build on these strengths. Together, you can plan goals and actions to work on so that the worries and concerns go away.

In addition to support from a Case Manager, a family worker can provide home visits to implement routines and provide knowledge and guidance around healthy ways to parent. Assistance to link in with psychological, drug and alcohol and other counselling and support services is also offered.

Community referrals can be made by community agencies who will need to complete the referral form. The client will be required to complete and sign the consent form. Both these completed forms can then be sent via email as listed on referral form.

Brighter Futures is an accredited SafeCare provider.

Contact Details

Phone Number
Newcastle: 4014 9300 or Lake Macquarie: 4950 7230
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