Clinical Services Unit

Providing behaviour support and advice to families & individuals throughout Newcastle & New South Wales.

The Samaritans ‘Clinical Services Unit’ (the CSU) is a resource for you. The team provides advice and tailored support to individuals, families, professionals and other partnering agencies.

Services offered by the CSU

Disability Behaviour Support

Behaviour support is an evidence-based approach used to support people with disabilities who have challenges regulating their thinking, feeling, and behaviour.

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Behaviour Support Training and Consultation for Professionals

Samaritans Behaviour Support Team has extensive experience and training in behaviour support practices. Samaritans offers a range of professional development opportunities to people working in the non-government sector; from support staff to senior management

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Restrictive Practices Support for organisations

  • Assistance for agencies to establish their own Restrictive Practices Panel, and related organisational systems and processes (fee for service).
  • Training in relation to Regulated Restrictive Practices and use of the new FaCS Restrictive Practices Portal (fee for service).
  • Two FACS accredited Independent Panel Members (who can be booked free of charge through the NSW FaCS Restrictive Practices Portal) to sit on Panels.

Get in touch

Families/agencies wishing to engage with the CSU and see how we can support you, please contact us at