Registry Week ‘Together ending homelessness – Newcastle’

Samaritans CEO

Last week, Newcastle held its first Registry Week for the homeless. This is an important initiative to capture information about those who are sleeping rough so that we can more effectively address their housing and support needs. Each person sleeping on the street was surveyed to find out their individual needs and how organisations like Samaritans can best support them. It is vital to understand the factors that force an individual into the cycle of homelessness in order to identify gaps in the system. Sadly, we are seeing more and more people on the street fleeing domestic violence at home.

The event tag line ‘together ending homelessness – Newcastle’ is very fitting in highlighting the collaborative success of this initiative. Newcastle Registry Week was funded by Nova for Women and Children through NSW’s Family and Community Services and saw a number of organisations involved. It was fantastic to see local businesses such as Good Brother Espresso and Suspension also jump on board with the provision of free coffees and meals.

I would like to commend the work of the volunteers who played a pivotal role in Newcastle’s first Registry Week. Thank you to the volunteers who set out in the early hours of the morning on October 18 -20 to interview those sleeping rough. A particular thanks to all of the Samaritans staff and volunteers who participated and braved the early start so enthusiastically.

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