Reflecting on Newcastle Registry Week

Samaritans CEO

Last year Samaritans partnered in Newcastle’s first Registry Week in an effort to record an accurate snapshot of homelessness in Newcastle.  It was identified that apart from the 2011 Census there was limited reliable evidence of the extent of homelessness in the area and hence Registry Week was born.

The initiative has proven quite successful.  Following Registry Week in October 2016, 26 people have been successfully housed as a direct result of the project proving that assertive outreach is effective.  Another benefit of the project is that it encourages collaboration between services to achieve better outcomes.  10 organisations partnered in 2016 Registry Week, Samaritans included, offering a valuable opportunity to streamline the provision of local services with local providers.

As a key partner in the project we gained a valuable insight into the lives of people sleeping rough in our community.   For example 82% of the 57 people who completed the survey indicated mental health issues revealing a need for more mental health support and early intervention in our community.  Samaritans looks forward to continuing the collaboration with local organisations to raise awareness of rough sleepers and offer wrap around support to eradicate homelessness in our community.