Putting Youth on the Agenda

Samaritans CEO

Young people are the future of Australia, however many young people face a future of uncertainty with insecure work and housing. 1 in 5 Australians represent our youth population, aged 12-25, that is 20% of Australians and yet their voice is significantly underrepresented in political forums. I was shocked to learn that funding for National Youth Week will be cancelled from 2017 – a step backwards in providing opportunities for our Youth.

It is predicted that some generations are now likely to have lower standards of living than their parents, with many young people missing out on our country’s wealth. I would like to see a national youth strategy address areas of improvement needed to ensure a sustainable future for young people including employment opportunities and affordable housing.

The Australian Youth Affairs Coalition is running an important initiative to put youth on the agenda. The campaign endeavours that the next Australian government commits to a national voice for young people, like the Australian Youth Affair Coalition. Through a live feed on their website people have an opportunity to tell politicians what we want for young people and our future. Click here to have a look at their website and perhaps submit your say.

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