The power of education in breaking down barriers

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A word from our CEO, Brad Webb:

Last week I was sent the link to a short film called Ian. The film has won international acclaim and it’s easy to see why.

In just over 7 minutes, it shows the power of inclusion for children with disabilities. It shows that when stigma is removed, children with disabilities can be included with their peers. Education breaks the barrier.

The animation, titled Ian, is inspired by the real-life Ian, a boy with cerebral palsy determined to get to the playground despite his playmates bullying him. His mother, Sheila Graschinsky, wanted to educate her son’s bullies about disability, sp she wrote a book that was to form the basis of the film Ian, which aims to deliver the message of inclusion across the world.

The film is an inspiring reminder of the importance of Samaritans work in advocating for access and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Ian premiered at Cannes in May 2018. It was written by Gastón Gorali, directed by Abel Goldfarb, and produced by Academy Award winner Juan José Campanella and Fundación ian. Ian has qualified for the Best Animated Short category in the 2019 Academy Awards, which will be announced on 24 February 2019 (US).

If you have 7 minutes spare, I encourage you to watch the film.​