A very poor response to long term unemployment

CEO Social Justice Blog

The proposed changes to the Work for the Dole announced earlier this week are a very poor response to long term unemployment and considering the social security system review that’s not yet concluded, quite premature.

When work for the dole started all those years ago it was a useful scheme for some young people to show them what working was like. When we hear the Government is proposing to extend it to those up to aged 49 I say it’s pointless – they don’t need work experience, they need a job.

It seems like an even more dire situation for those under 30 if they will still be expected to work 25 hours a week, apply for 40 jobs a month while at the same time have no income for the first 6 months. How will they pay their rent and their bills? We can’t expect people to live on nothing. What will happen is an increase in homelessness and an increase in crime as we are leaving these vulnerable groups with no other option.

“Work for the dole” is a great slogan; the general public seems to think it’s great. What people don’t know is that it’s not real work providing real opportunity. By not offering the unemployed worthwhile training and real job opportunities, what this is actually doing is trapping people in long-term welfare.