Peer Support is a Powerful Tool

CEO Social Justice Blog

Some of our Federally funded programs are at threat of closure in the new year. One of those is Samaritans Grandparents as Parents scheme (GAPS).

Samaritans has been assisting grandparent carers for over a decade and it’s been a highly successful and a much appreciated service by grandparents who have become the primary carer of their grandchildren.

At the present time Samaritans supports 180 grandparent carers through 13 carer support groups that offer peer support to grandparent carers across the region. Most of these groups are supported by volunteers from Anglican parishes.

Children who can no longer live with their biological mother or father much prefer to live with other kinship carers, particularly grandparents, who have usually acquired much wisdom over the years.

Surely the Federal Government must realise the value of a such low cost, highly effective program to our local community.

Here’s hoping they continue to support us in our endeavour.