Why Are Youth Services So Important?

What are youth services?

Youth services include any service designed to help the youth in Australia (or worldwide). Youth are generally defined as anyone between the ages of 12 and 25.

Youth services can come in the form of anything from counselling to accommodation. These services are often run by NGOs and charities – aimed at protecting our youth and giving them the support they need to have a successful life.

Why are youth services of such critical importance to our community?

Youth services are a vital source of support and education for at-risk youth. The youth unemployment rate is currently 13.3%. One in five working Australian youths are still looking for more work.

This indicates a serious problem for young Australians- there is simply not enough youth employment opportunities available. To exacerbate the problem, a large percentage of new entry-level jobs available are offered on a casual basis. Part-time hours and lack of job security can be crippling to a young person entering the workforce.

Poverty rates are increasing, too.

An alarming 51.8% of Youth Allowance recipients live below the poverty line.

That’s over half of the Australian youth on Centrelink – let alone the thousands scraping by on casual jobs (and those not eligible for Youth Allowances because the system relies on their parent’s income).

Youth services are incredibly important to Australian Youth – the services support and educate those in need, and provide homes to the youth who are on the verge of homelessness. Youth services provided to those in need allow individuals at risk to be educated and given the necessary tools and life skills to survive and thrive in the future.

The Samaritans provide extensive services to our youth in Newcastle & the Hunter regions. If you require support or need someone to talk to – contact us.