The Youth Series Cards

Samaritans has teamed up with the very talented artist, Tabatha Tyne to create an exciting new tool to help young people share their feelings and communicate.

The Youth Series card set is a unique method of establishing and supporting communication and engagement with young people whilst offering a creative approach to exploring and understanding emotions and feelings. The cards feature easily recognisable images which may be helpful in the understanding and discussion of difficult or complex topics. Through these images, individuals are able to explore their own meanings and reflect on their experience by asking questions such as:

  • What does this image mean to you?
  • What do you think of when you see the image?
  • What are some alternative meanings behind the image?
  • How can the image relate to you or your personal experiences?

By purchasing these cards, you are making a positive impact by supporting youth who need assistance in our community through the Samaritans Foundation.

Each of the designs have been hand drawn by Tabatha Tyne, who was been supported by Samaritans headspace Maitland service.

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