Help end youth homelessness this winter

Tonight, 26000 Australians under 25 will have no place to call home. These young people are often escaping the horrors of family abuse. When they are couch surfing, living in their cars or in refuges, they are hidden from sight.

Youth homelessness is an invisible crisis.

By giving to Samaritans this winter, you’re helping young people escape homelessness.Together we can help to fight this invisible crisis. Please, give generously.


Hear from Clare from Samaritans youth services to learn more about how your gift today can help to change the life of a young person facing homelessness.

“Many could have stayed on the streets- they haven’t had family around to guide them.”

Your donation to Samaritans Winter Appeal today has the power to change a life. Click here for more information on making a donation.