Including charity gifts in your Will: Everything you need to know

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Not many people like thinking about wills, testaments or funerals. It’s a far-off thought that seems like it’ll never happen.

However, it’s something that deserves some proper planning and thought. Creating a funeral plan and writing up a will can ease the grieving process for your loved ones, plus can be a valuable opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

This September, Samaritans recognises Include A Charity Week, a social change campaign which encourages more people to leave a donation or gift in their will or testament to a charitable organisation. These gifts help increase the funds available to support the community, while also increasing the positive impact charities have on society.

Thinking of leaving a charitable gift behind in your will? Keep reading. We’ve created the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about donating a charitable gift.

The importance of a will

A will or testament is a legal document that tells your loved ones how you’d like your property, money, and belongings to be distributed after you’re gone. You can name multiple people to receive your estate, from loved ones to pets, groups and charities.

Yes, even pets can be included and is quite common. In fact, Michael Jackson left $2 million to his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, after his death in 2009.

It’s essential to create a will and testament for multiple reasons. For one, it eliminates the extra burden of distributing your estate while your family is grieving. The allocation of assets can be a long and distressing process without a will – so long as your will has been updated and signed within the last five years, you’ll be sparing your family extra stress.

Secondly, you’re ensuring your estate is going where you want it to after you’re gone. You can leave it to loved ones or, alternatively, you can donate a percentage to a charitable organisation to help improve the lives of the community.

Leave a lasting legacy with a charity

When creating a will, it’s possible to leave a gift behind for a charitable organisation like Samaritans. This could include:

  • An indicated amount of money (money gift)
  • A specific gift of property (specific gift)
  • Anything left after other commitments have been met (residuary).

Many people choose to leave 1 – 2% of their estate to a charitable cause they care about. Leaving a small percentage can make a huge difference in the lives of others – in fact, our Samaritans Kinship Program was founded on a bequest.

The Kinship Program supports grandparents who are caring for children whose parents can’t look after them anymore. Since the program started, more than 400 grandparents have been supported throughout Newcastle. Donating part of your estate to a charity will guarantee your legacy lasts for generations.

How your gift will improve the lives of others

Leaving a gift to Samaritans will help improve the lives of countless others. A small but generous donation can help us continue to run a range of life-changing services, including but not limited to:

  • Disability services – Samaritans strives to empower people living with disabilities to gain independence and express themselves.
  • Community services – We fund women’s refuges, homeless services, emergency relief services, and more with donations from our supporters.
  • Children and family support – Our team supports families throughout New South Wales to grow, remain healthy, and be happy. This includes early intervention programs, child care centres, and our kinship program.

We also provide training for people in the community with disabilities or mental health issues to enter the mainstream workforce with confidence, skill, and determination. We believe all people are equal and deserve a fair chance – your donation can help us to support the community in more ways than one.

Your gift means the world to us, whether it’s big or small

At Samaritans, we cherish all donations, no matter the size. We need support from the community in order to support them and by leaving charity gifts in your will, you’re investing in a future of support and empowerment in your local community.

If you decide to leave a gift to Samaritans, please phone us and let us know. We would like to personally thank you for your amazing generosity.

Contact our team today to discuss leaving charity gifts in your will.