What is Harmony Day?

Celebrating Harmony Day

What is Harmony Day?

Harmony day is on the 21st March in Australia.  We celebrate Harmony Day to promote diversity and acceptance of other cultures.  The idea ‘Everyone Belongs’ is the very essence of Harmony Day.  But it’s not just a time to celebrate and reflect. Harmony Day aims to start a conversation about heritage, culture and community.

The event coincides with the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Since 1999, over 70 000 Harmony Day events have taken place across Australia to pay respect to Australia’s unique cultural diversity.

Why do we celebrate Harmony Day?

One in three people experiences racism in their workplace.
One in five children experiences racism at school.
One in five people experiences racism at a sporting event.

People experience racism in places they should feel safe and equal.  We celebrate Harmony Day to break down the barriers which lead to racist comments and discrimination.  We need to respect individuals who have different cultures to our own and learn to embrace our differences.  People of different cultures deserve to feel safe in their own home. Australians must demand this for all of our friends, neighbours and visitors.

Education about other cultures improves our level of empathy and understanding – increased knowledge of another culture significantly decreases the likelihood of enforcing dangerous stereotypes and discrimination.

What can I do to celebrate Harmony Day?

Harmony Day is a day to be celebrated. You can celebrate by dressing in the colour orange and you can participate in a scheduled Harmony Day event.  You can even hold your own Harmony Day activity.

A Taste of Harmony is a fun and easy way to celebrate your workplace’s diversity.  Samaritans workplaces are looking forward to participating this year and “taking a seat a the table”.

Why not rally your workmates together to host a potluck-style lunch at the office where everyone brings in a dish to celebrate their own cultural heritage.  What a delicious way to learn about the different cultures and lifestyles of your colleagues. The most important thing to remember – cultural differences deserve respect.

Celebrate Harmony Day and start an open conversation with those around you about the benefits of cultural differences.

To learn more about Harmony Day you can visit the official Harmony Day website.