The best voice-to-text software

Voice-to-text software helps computer users to transform spoken words and commands into text and keystroke operations, reducing the need for a keyboard or mouse. By using voice recognition software programs, computers become much more accessible and functional for people with a disability or strain related condition that makes operating a computer uncomfortable or impossible.

If you are considering voice-to-text software for yourself, a family member or friend, we have put together some of the best options available to help you compare the features and make the best choice.

Dragon Accessibility Solutions

Dragon offers some of the best voice recognition packages available, allowing you to dictate orally for word processing with high accuracy, as well as control mouse functions and perform keystrokes you would normally use, without touching a mouse or keyboard.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from the Home, Premium, Mac or Professional versions of the software. One of the best things about Dragon is the support available, with extensive user guides, in-person training and online support. Take a look at the Dragon website for more information.


Pronounced “tasty”, these guys have produced some affordable speech recognition software that is capable of acting as a command centre for controlling basic functions on your computer. Commands can be customised to cater to your most frequent functions.

Although not as comprehensive as some of the competitors out there, and somewhat lacking in the support department, Tazti fits the bill for a budget conscious alternative and ranks well for accuracy of commands.


NeoSpeech is a mid-weight option for those in the text-to-speech market. Geared more towards people who need to carry out complicated tasks such as developers and businesses, but still an effective solution for home users.

Features include a customisable dictionary, text normalisation for special characters. NeoSpeech has a broad API compatibility and works on a range of operating systems, including Linux.


Another powerful text to voice converter, allowing personalisation of pronunciation and vocabulary.  Linguatec’s strength is in it’s easy to use interface and it’s ability to convert text files of virtually any type into audio as well. The home package is competitively priced, with advanced features and capabilities being available in the studio version. A web version is also available which converts your website automatically to audio format.

These are just a selection of the wide range of voice-to-text software packages available, so remember to clearly identify exactly what features you need and what you want to achieve with your voice recognition software so you make the best decision for your needs.