Support Samaritans through Return & Earn

Samaritans has been included on Reverse Vending Machines at Woolworths BP Thornton and Coles Bonnells Bay.

Return & Earn is a NSW Government initiative targeted at tackling litter. In exchange for returning eligible bottles, cans, and cartons, the Reverse Vending Machines offer cash vouchers or the chance to donate. Samaritans is currently one of the charity options at two locations.

If you have been collecting bottles or cans at home, you can now take them to Woolworths BP Thornton or Coles Bonnells Bay and select Samaritans on the screen. The money raised from Return & Earn will go directly to supporting our post-release services.


What bottles and cans are included in Return and Earn?

Not all bottles, cans and cartons are included in Return and Earn. Click here to access the eligibility tool to help you work out what can and can’t be returned.


Where can I return my containers?

There are return points across NSW. However, if you want to support Samaritans with your donation, you need to use the Reverse Vending Machines at Woolworths BP Thornton or Coles Bonnells Bay. 


Where will the money go? 

The money raised from the Reverse Vending Machines will go to Samaritans Post-Release services. These services support people reintegrate into the community after leaving a correctional facility.