Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Samaritans has an agency-wide three-year Strategic Plan.

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The plan addresses five pillars of strategic intent that guide our objectives and initiatives:

  • Enabling a good life with people we support
  • Inspiring our people to achieve their potential
  • Leading innovation and impact in social policy
  • Partnering with others to deliver service excellence
  • Building sustainability through financial independence

Each of the five strategic pillars directs Samaritans to build strong communities where we believe there can be personalised support, justice and dignity for all people.

The plan builds on our strong foundations, encourages excellence and innovation, and calls for further collaboration and inclusion to enhance community.

What underlies this plan is a desire to truly listen. Listening to those we support, our staff, our partners, and providing the opportunity for these voices to be heard in our delivery of services, in our advocacy, and in our community.

Samaritans has always aspired to provide quality services to many different groups of people. Our service delivery supports people with a disability, young people, children, families, those escaping domestic violence, and those leaving prison, among others.

What brings these diverse groups of people together under the umbrella of Samaritans is our desire to provide unconditional support to everyone.

We are for all people.