Share the Dignity

As part of the It’s in the Bag¬†campaign supported by Share the Dignity and Wings and Strings, Samaritans recently hosted an afternoon tea at the Hamilton South NSW Housing estate.

The campaign sees people in the community fill handbags with ladies essential items and toiletries so that they can be given to women and young ladies who experiencing or at risk of homelessness. It is so much more than just a few toiletries in a bag, this campaign is helping to restore hope to the 85,000 women experiencing homelessness in Australia. A recipient involved in the campaign explains “Knowing that this bag was put together by a person who cares about me, gives me hope that things will get better one day.”

Eighty bags were ordered from Share the Dignity and all but eight bags were filled by the end of the day. These bags went to women and girls ranging from 12 – 60 years of age. Many single mums and young ladies attended and stayed and chatted over afternoon tea. A great day was had by all!