Enrol with Samaritans Newcastle Early Learning for 2021

Our preschool teachers at Samaritans Early Learning Centre Newcastle are ready to welcome your family for 2021.

Our dedicated Preschool Program will prepare your child for big school in a nurturing environment with qualified preschool teachers.

 “I chose the centre because it had a really great reputation. The biggest thing I like is the staff, they’ve all been here a really long time and they’re really dedicated to their jobs. I can see how much they care and love for the kids, and they’re invested in educating them and helping them learn and I really appreciate that” -Cindy, parent from Samaritans Early Learning Centre Newcastle

Our non-profit centre favours experience and quality in our staff, and we proudly boast a strong continuity of care for each child as we have very low staff turnover. This means that each day at drop off and pick up, you’ll have peace of mind seeing the same familiar faces caring for your child each day.

“What we’ve always said to parents is, just see how you feel when you come in and you will know. And that’s what we always get told, they say they just knew when they walked in here that it’s such a happy, loving and nurturing place. We have such a small staff turnover as well that there’s great continuity of care and we really get to know the children” -Amy, Early Childhood Teacher for 10 years at Samaritans Early Learning Centre Newcastle

You can call us on 4960 7265 to arrange a time to meet with us. Learn more on our Early Learning Centre webpage.