Samaritans Christmas Appeal

The annual Samaritans Christmas Appeal has officially launched and Samaritans staff are making preparations for our busiest time of year.

Christmas at Samaritans is wonderful, but it’s also challenging. We see more than four times the number of of people who would normally come to us for help.

As Samaritans Christmas volunteer Sharon explains, people like Cath* who come to Samaritans at Christmas usually have a story of hardship that has led to their struggle.

“When I met Cath at the door, she was crying and very stressed. She had very recently fled her violent partner and was left with no money and no possessions. She had no family or friends to turn to for help anymore and she thought she was going to have nothing to give her kids on Christmas Day.

“There are no words to express the look of pure joy on her face when I showed her the toys and told her about the food and assistance we could give her,” she said.

Whether a family needs gifts, food or somewhere special to celebrate on Christmas Day, Samaritans proudly steps up to spread joy through compassion and inclusivity.

The Samaritans Christmas Appeal aims to raise $120,000 to support and bring hope to families living in the shadow of disadvantage, and also to offer joy and dignity to those who are without friends and family at Christmas time.

If you are able to donate to the Samaritans Christmas Appeal, please click to visit our Donate Page.